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Latest Prices for the LG BE08

Just as DVDs revolutionized optical data storage ten years ago, Blu-ray technology is doing it again. The first generation of Blu-ray recorder has quickly come to perfection in the LG BE08 LightScribe Blu-ray ReWriter. This external Blu-ray writer and player connects via either eSATA or USB 2.0 and is backward compatible to work with regular DVDs and CDs.

Using the eSATA connection, data can be transferred to and from discs at speeds up to 1.5 Gbps. In addition, the LightScribe feature burns customized labels directly onto the top surface of specially prepared LightScribe discs.

The LG BE08 operates on any version of Windows XP, Vista, or 7 and writes CDs at 48x speeds and DVDs at 16 x speeds using buffer underrun protection to ensure a smooth transfer. All hands-on tests have proved the LG BE08 to be a flawless Blu-ray recorder. Using the USB connection will prove to be a slower option with the high data capacity of the Blu-ray discs so the eSATA connection is highly recommended. Included in the box is an external eSATA bracket and cable that fits a standard desktop PC case so that if your motherboard has an open SATA socket, an external SATA outlet is instantly created with installation.

The LG N2B1D is a network attached storage unit, with up to 2 terabytes of hard disk space, and a rewritable blu-ray drive for permanent backup storage. Unlike many NAS systems, it’s aimed at both businesses and regular consumers.

There are 3 models available from LG:

  • N2B1D (Base model wihtout a hard drive)
  • N2B1DD1 (Single 1TB hard drive = 1TB Total Storage)
  • N2B1DD2 (Doube 1TB hard drives = 2TB Total Storage)

The blu-ray recorder is one of the most standout features of the N2B1D. It lets you store up to 50 GB of data on a single disc for permanent archiving of important information. When you combine this with the huge amount of fixed storage contained in the N2B1D, you have a truly robust solution that’s both easy to use, and reliable. It’s perfect for storing everything from your family photo album, to huge customer databases, or massive document collections. Having access to a machine on your home or office network that’s strictly devoted to storing data is incredibly convenient, and once you try it, you’ll wonder how you ever got by without it.

As an added bonus, the N2B1D doesn’t use very much power compared to other machines in its category, and it’s surprisingly quiet running, which can sometimes be a problems with devices containing so much storage and multiple disks.

Every year, computer data gets more complex and takes up more space. The need for a reliable storage solution is becoming more pressing for people in all walks of life. With a functional blue-ray writer, and plenty of storage space on board, the LG N2B1D could be a great addition to your home or office network.

For more details then check out the LG Product Page by clicking here

LG BE06 External Blu-Ray Writer

Check out the newer LG BE08 Blu-Ray Recorder <>

Hook the LG BE06 to your PC or MAC by simply by connecting it up to a standard USB 2.0 port.

Nobody could argue that this offering from LG is an ugly duckling.  The sleek and stylish unit operates either vertically or horizontally and comes in an ultra shiney white gloss enclosure featuring a rather nifty touch sensitive eject button.

The fact that this is an external model means that even the novice consumer can purchase and install this drive in a matter of minutes.  The majority of blu-ray writers on the market today are for internal installation into a PC so a working understanding of the inside of a PC was required.

Along with the USB connection the LG BEo6 also requires the connection of it’s power supply so this isn’t the holy grail for the portable worker but at least you can take this drive away with your laptop and enjoy high definition blu-ray movies.

If you where an adopter of the now defunct HD DVD format then you’ll be pleased to hear that the drive is at least able to read your HD DVD’s so that you aren’t forced to sell them for a miniscule amount whilst you then search out the blu-ray version.

As one would expect the BE06 can handle the play back and writing to DVD and CD’s even if it’s not at todays cutting edge speeds.

LightSribe is include to allow for the printing of images and texts onto supported DVDs but the fact that it takes over 20 minutes to print these images may make this feature less appealing.

The LG BE06 features a very respectable 6 speed writing capability but with 4 speed BD-R still being fairly rare it will take a few months before media is available to make the most of these write speeds in either 25GB single layer or 50GB dual layer formats.

LG BE06 Specifications and Package Contents:

  • BD-R: 6x
  • BD-RE: 4x
  • BD-R Read: 6x
  • BD-RE Read: 2x
  • HD DVD Read: 3x
  • DVD+R: 16x, DVD-R: 16x
  • DVD+R DL: 4x, DVD-R DL: 4x
  • DVD+RW: 8x, DVD-RW: 6x
  • DVD-RAM: 5x
  • DVD-ROM Read: 16x
  • CD-R Write: 40x
  • CD-RW Write 24x
  • CD Read: 40x
  • Buffer Size: 2MB
  • USB 2.0 Interface
  • Lightscribe Labelling Function
  • Includes: PowerDVD, Power2Go, Instant Burn, PowerBackup and PowerProducer
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