The LG N2B1D is a network attached storage unit, with up to 2 terabytes of hard disk space, and a rewritable blu-ray drive for permanent backup storage. Unlike many NAS systems, it’s aimed at both businesses and regular consumers.

There are 3 models available from LG:

  • N2B1D (Base model wihtout a hard drive)
  • N2B1DD1 (Single 1TB hard drive = 1TB Total Storage)
  • N2B1DD2 (Doube 1TB hard drives = 2TB Total Storage)

The blu-ray recorder is one of the most standout features of the N2B1D. It lets you store up to 50 GB of data on a single disc for permanent archiving of important information. When you combine this with the huge amount of fixed storage contained in the N2B1D, you have a truly robust solution that’s both easy to use, and reliable. It’s perfect for storing everything from your family photo album, to huge customer databases, or massive document collections. Having access to a machine on your home or office network that’s strictly devoted to storing data is incredibly convenient, and once you try it, you’ll wonder how you ever got by without it.

As an added bonus, the N2B1D doesn’t use very much power compared to other machines in its category, and it’s surprisingly quiet running, which can sometimes be a problems with devices containing so much storage and multiple disks.

Every year, computer data gets more complex and takes up more space. The need for a reliable storage solution is becoming more pressing for people in all walks of life. With a functional blue-ray writer, and plenty of storage space on board, the LG N2B1D could be a great addition to your home or office network.

For more details then check out the LG Product Page by clicking here

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