Top 3 Blu-Ray Writing Softare Applications

Blu-Ray is the latest technology in high capacity, high definition media and data storage. Today is it possible to purchase Blu-Ray disk drives for the home or office computer and are not only capable of reading Blu-Ray data, but also writing it.

In order to take advantage of a Blu-Ray drive’s disk writing ability, it is necessary to use software that supports Blu-Ray burning. By using Blu-Ray writing software, computer users can make back up disks for all their data, create high definition video disks, or even copy Blu-Ray movies if they have copyright permission to do so.

Several companies have produced Blu-Ray writing software including industry leaders like Nero, Roxio and Cyberlink. Here is a brief breakdown of the top three leading Blu-Ray writing software applications.

One top developers of CD, DVD, and Blu-Ray writing software is Nero Burning Rom, or Nero for short. Nero Burning Rom 10 is the latest version of the popular program. It is included in Nero Multimedia Suite 10. One nice feature of Nero is the disk span option that allows users to break up storage of large files to separate disks in one easy process. The software determines how many disks are needed and prompts the user when to insert new disks. Nero also includes SecurDisk, a proprietary system of ensuring data security and preventing degradation of the physical disk itself. Nero Multimedia Suite 10 also includes Nero Backitup 10 which is an easy to use utility that can back up personal data with ease. Nero Backitup 10 can back up folders or even whole hard drives and restore them should the original data become lost or corrupted.

Roxio Creator 2010 has many of the same basic functions of Nero 10 when it comes to writing disks, however, Roxio also offers the option of being able to drag and drop files into the burning software which makes backing up specific files easier than ever. The program also allows users to burn Blu-Ray disks of high definition videos directly from TV or camcorder, bypassing the step of having to download the material to the computer first. The program also includes video editing utilities that can be used to facilitate creating multimedia content.

Cyberlink’s Power2Go 6 also offers basic burning tools and supports drag and drop writing. The software also includes a built in search function that helps users to find specific files and has multiple settings such as speed and copy protection. Power2Go 6 includes a slide show editor and supports splitting files across disks much like Nero 10.

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